Alumni Association

The Alumni Association creates a space in which Haverford's alumni can interact within a community of people who shared a unique undergraduate experience.

The Alumni Association's primary focus is to strengthen alumni relations between Haverford College and its alumni, while promoting and considering the best interests of the College. The Association provides support for all alumni events including Alumni Weekend and regional events and works with the Career Development Office, Admissions Office, Athletics Department, and other campus units on matters of importance to alumni. The Association is comprised of all Haverford alumni; graduates as well as recipients of honorary degrees.

Two core groups work within the Alumni Association to design programs which speak to the Association's values and goals. These are the Alumni Council and the Alumni Association Executive Committee (AAEC).

Alumni Council

Alumni Council is comprised of all of the College's active alumni volunteers. While current numbers show more then 1,000 alumni actively volunteering, new faces are always welcome.

The Alumni Council provides a structural framework for programs and events facilitating alumni connections with College faculty, staff, and students in a productive, rewarding way.

The Council also elects the Association's six nominees to the College's Board of Managers and the members of the Alumni Association Executive Committee.

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