Why I'm Coming to Alumni Weekend


"Our 60th Reunion is, or should be, a big one for us. Nature is in the process of thinning us out and this event is an opportunity to have one good chat with wonderful friends we have known for 64 years. Hope a lot of you will come!"

— Tom Woodward '52




"I attend '57 Class Reunions to refresh my contacts with my classmates and to renew my understanding of Haverford College today."

— Lou Matlack '57








"At Reunion I find out if my classmates can still distinguish between me and a lemon."

— Richard Cohen '57








"Why attend your/our 40th reunion? Well, can you think of any other time or place in your life when you embraced and ejected so many huge ideas, went in so many personal directions, built so many lasting personal foundations, met so many people who influenced you, discovered lasting curiosity, and found people who changed your life on two college campuses? I can't. I look forward to seeing the people who shared that with me after all these years."

— Buck Mann '72



"Haverford was a life-altering experience for me, starting with the first serious moral dilemma of my life: To register for the draft or not. Over the years I have found Haverford graduates to be different. They carry an ‘aura’ conveying a special feeling of respect and caring, one absent all too often in this contentious winner-take-all country we live in. Attending reunions, visiting with long-time friends, and classmates I never knew well, recharges my belief that it is possible to sustain my values. The campus is still extraordinarily beautiful and students seem much smarter than I was in 1957! Reunions are a treat for the soul."

 — Mike Donham '57





Hilary & Heather '97 Group Photo.jpg

"I'm looking forward to the reunion this year to have an opportunity to reconnect with my Haverford friends. It will be a blast to see my children, Danielle (3 1/2 years) and Noah (20 months), running around and playing on campus with all the other children - possibly throwing bread to the ducks at the Duck Pond or taking a walk on the Nature Trail." 

Heather Bender '97






Taylor, Hilary.JPG

"I came to the 5th and 10th reunions with expectations for meaningful activities and reconnecting with friends. What I found also were NEW connections with classmates I hadn't known very well before. What a wonderful extra gift! Now I return again with my 3 year old daughter, eager to share with her a place and a community that continue to define me as a mother and an individual."

— Hilary Stokes Taylor '97








"Haverford and my experience for four years there shaped the course of my life in so many ways...I continue to cherish my Haverford years, the people I got to know, the opportunity to develop a disciplined mind, playing baseball and being part of enterprise that valued human beings."

— Preston K. Mears '62 






Jacobs, Liz.JPG

"I'm planning on attending the reunion to share stories, laugh a lot, and relive some favorite memories with old friends."

— Liz Jacobs '92







"In terms of Haverford, besides giving me a great corps of old friends, I have to say it principally helped reinforce my parents’ belief that doing something useful is a lot more important than making money."

 — Michael Rodell '62




Michael Leeds '77.jpg

"I go to reunions because Haverford helped make me what I am. Every day, I see its influence in how I teach my students, how I work with colleagues, and how I deal with friends and family. Seeing old places, old professors, and old friends reminds me of the person I was and of the person I want to be."

— Mike Leeds '77








Emmett, Gary.JPG

"Personally I return to see what happened to all the interesting and often somewhat off-center people that I met repeatedly at Haverford/Bryn Mawr, but unfortunately never kept up with. My gang has kept close but there were a lot more people whose story went on and you have to read the end of the novel."

—  Gary Emmett '72







penn for haverford.jpeg

"I still have the habits I developed at Haverford. I read philosophy and physics, and while I don’t always understand the answers, I’m still interested in the questions.But most important for me at Haverford were conversations with friends and the social values and intellectual commitment held by the community."

— Richard D. Penn '62








"There's always the fun and fellowship of being with old friends, but Haverford reunions give me the opportunity to reflect on the values represented by the College and the education it provided me. It's a great opportunity to reflect on whether, through life's many twists and turns, I'm still acting in tune with these values and to recommit to them."

— Michael E. Gluck '82






Fred Sanford and Anaka Allen '13, recipient of the Mary Jane Sharpless (Sanford) scholarship in April, 2011.

"Like everyone, I have so many fond memories of Haverford. My time with the Glee Club ranks very high, first under the direction of Charles Ludington and then, or course, William Reese. What great times we had singing with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra and taking Spring trips. I look forward to seeing many classmates at the Reunion and will continue to encourage as many as possible to attend."

— Frederic G. Sanford '62