Alumni Weekend
May 26–28, 2017

Weekend Highlights:


  • Class of 1967 Trip to the Barnes Foundation
  • Dinner at the home of Chuck and Sharon Hardy


  • Walking tour of Campus
  • Class of 1967 Presents a Faculty Discussion
  • 50th Reunion Buffet Dinner with President Kim Benston
  • Social on Lloyd Green


  • All-Alumni Toast to Haverford with President Kim Benston- Several classmates will be honored
  • Scarlet Sages Luncheon - the class of 1967 will be inducted
  • Are Liberal Arts Relevant in the 21st Century? Discuss...
  • The Class of 1967 Presents Professor Emeritus Roger Lane
  • 50th Reunion BiCo Gathering
  • 1967 Dinner Founders Great Hall
  • 50th Reunion Post-Dinner Gathering


  • Class of 1967 Memorial Meeting

Expect a full brochure in your mailbox by late March. Registration opens April 1.

50th Reunion Committee:

Jim Clifford, Paul Dagdigian, Philip Fretz, Jim Friedman, Richard Gartner, Steve Gold, Peter Goldmark, Chuck Hardy, Hubert Herring, Dick McConaghy, David McConnell,Richard Oulahan, Daniel Serwer, Robert Sinclair, George Stavis, David Stephenson, Fred Szydlik, Lawrence Tint, David Watts, David Wilson

If you have questions about Reunion, please contact Catherine Toia associate director of Alumni and Parent Relations (610-795-7923) or a member of the committee.

  • Accordion

Planning to Attend

Bill Beardslee Richard B. Gartner Bob Krogstad Bill Schauman
Ken Bernstein Jim Gearhart Evan Mawdsley John Schoonover
Tap Bennett Steve Gold Chris McCandless Daniel Serwer
Mike Bowden Peter Goldmark Dick McConaghy Bob Sinclair
Jack Bowers Bob Gorchov Dave McConnell Bob Singley
Jim Clifford Steve Greif Tim Miller George Stavis
John Cooper Chuck Hardy John Milliken Dave Stephenson
Robert Coward Hubert Herring Tom Murray Howard Stine
Paul Dagdigian Dave Houser Doug Neal Fred Szydlik
Ken Evans Tom Howe Richard Oulahan John L. Thompson
Greg Favis Jim Janowitz Hans Ponsen Larry Tint
Bob Feinland Mike Kaplan Harvey Rarback David Watts
Dick Frase Bob Klein Rick Richards David Wilson
Phil Fretz Mike Leader Jerry Rutter Serge Zeiber
Jim Friedman
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