Nomination Form

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, however only nominations submitted on or prior to August 12, 2019, will be considered for the 2020 Awards cycle.

Note, current members of the Alumni Association Executive Committee (AAEC) or the Board of Managers and employees of the College are not eligible for consideration. Additionally, awards are not given posthumously.

Award Descriptions

To assist in the process of selecting the appropriate award nomination for your submission, use the drop-down below.

The Kannerstein Award

The Kannerstein Award honors the legacy and memory of Gregory Kannerstein '63, an honored and revered alumnus, and a friend and mentor to many. Greg served Haverford for many years as director of athletics, dean of the College and as a professor. This most distinguished award given by the Alumni Association honors those who, in a variety of ways, have provided loyal and active support for the work of the College.

The Haverford Award

The Haverford Award supports and demonstrates the College's expressed concern for the application of knowledge to socially useful ends. It rewards alumni who best reflect Haverford's concern with the uses to which they put their knowledge, humanity, initiative and individuality.

The Distinguished Achievement Award

The Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes alumni who have achieved personal success, made outstanding contributions to their fields, achieved recognition by their colleagues and brought honor to themselves and to Haverford through their distinguished achievements.

The Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award recognizes established and future leaders among Haverford alumni who have graduated in the last 10 years. They have shown great promise and accomplishment in their chosen professions and/or in community, public or humanitarian service, demonstrating leadership and substantial commitment to the mission of the College.

The Lawrence Forman Award

The Forman Award goes to Haverford athletes who, professionally or voluntarily, have devoted a significant amount of time and energy to the betterment of society. The award honors Lawrence Forman ’60, one of the outstanding athletes in the history of Haverford College, who committed his life both to the betterment of humankind and to international understanding.

The William Kaye Award

The Kaye Award is given for exemplary service to the College in the area of career development. The award honors William Kaye 1954, past president of the Alumni Association and a strong advocate for career development resources for alumni and students.Exemplary volunteer service includes providing internships and/or externships, attending job fairs, facilitating career networking or otherwise helping students and alumni advance their careers.

The Charles Perry Award

The Perry Award is given for exemplary service to the College in the area of fundraising. The award honors Chuck Perry 1936 who served as associate director of development from 1954–58 and as the director of annual giving for the next 21 years. Exemplary service includes serving as a class volunteer, on a reunion committee, or in another role supporting the work of Institutional Advancement.

The William E. Sheppard Award

The Sheppard Award is given for exemplary service to the College in the area of alumni activities. The award honors the late Director of Alumni Relations Bill Sheppard 1936. Exemplary service includes participation in Haverford regional events, affinity activities or reunion programs.

The Archibald MacIntosh Award

The MacIntosh Award is given for exemplary service to the College in the area of admission. The award honors the late “Mac” MacIntosh 1921, Haverford’s first director of admission, who also served as vice president and twice as acting president of the College. Exemplary service includes interviewing prospective students and submitting summary reports; representing Haverford at college fairs and school nights; and hosting interview days, yield parties or frosh parties.

The Friend of Haverford College Award

The Friend of Haverford College Award is given for exemplary and sustained service to the College, and loyal and active support for the mission of the College, by a member of the greater Haverford community.