"The Joy of Names" - A Presentation and Book Signing by Rich Lederer '59
Haverford College, Whitehead Campus Center 205 B and C

Join alumni, parents, and friends on campus for a special book discussion and signing with Rich Lederer '59. Books will be available for sale on site.

Almost everyone on earth has a name. In The Joy of Names, best-selling language author Richard Lederer reveals all you need to know about first names, baby names, last names, nicknames, cruel and unusual names, movie stars' names, presidents' names, eponymous names, names from myths, authors' pseudonyms, and other fascinating facts about names.

In The Joy of Names you'll find the answers to such questions as:

- What are the oldest names we have on record?
- What are the most popular baby names and why are baby names diversifying so rapidly?
- What are the most common ways that we form last names?
- How did Sarah become Sadie, William Bill, Robert Bob, and Richard Dick?
- How do nicknames come about and why are sports nicknames disappearing?
- Why do so many entertainers take on stage names?
- Can a person's name influence what he or she becomes?
- Do animals use names?

And much more. Richard Lederer, who is often called "Learning Dressed Up to Have Fun," makes all these topics delightfully accessible. The illustrations by Todd Smith help bring the information to vibrant life.

If you would like to register for this event only (free of charge), or if you have questions, contact Liz Campbell in the office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

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