All parents receive the newsletter Transitions which is written specifically for parents. Email to subscribe or unsubscribe to Transitions.

For most of the general College and Department newsletters, parents need to subscribe to receive them. To subscribe to these publications, click on the provided email links under the Name column and request to be added to that list.

TransitionsVaries by class yearElectronic newsletter automatically sent to parents in each class
News from HaverfordMonthlyElectronic newsletter with student, faculty and alumni news sent to subscribers
On-Campus EventsVaries (Academic year only)Electronic newsletter sent to subscribers about on-campus events that are open to the public
Regional Events NewsletterTwice a monthElectronic newsletter about regional alumni and parent events automatically sent to parents
ScorelineVaries with athletic team newsListserv with results of athletic teams sent to subscribers
Music Department NewsletterWeekly/MonthlyAnnouncements of College Musical performances sent to subscribers
Global Citizen WeeklyWeeklyNews, updates and general information about the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship sent to subscribers
Haverford Connections (Library Newsletter)

Once a SemesterNews, updates and general information about the Library available online
Economic Endeavors (Economics Department Newsletter)AnnuallyDepartment and faculty updates, senior thesis topics, alumni news available online