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Many accounts exist in conjunction with Haverford College; including, but not limited to: teams, libraries, arboretum, departments, etc. A search on any of these noted platforms with keywords “Haverford” or “Haverford College” many results. Just be careful that you select Haverford College and not the Haverford School!


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More than 4,500 members of the Haverford community are on Facebook. Join the Haverford network and connect with other Fords around the globe.

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Affinity/Networking Pages and Groups

Many of the College's professional and identity-based affinity networks have their own Facebook pages or groups. More information about the College's affinity networks can be found here.

In addition, visit the Haverford College Alumni page to network with alumni, students, faculty, and staff across the Tri-Co.

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LinkedIn is a network of over 70 million individuals from more than 200 countries. The website helps users make better use of their professional networks by enabling more productive and successful engagement with their most trusted contacts.
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Please note: Haverford College does not claim ownership of the LinkedIn groups listed above, except Haverford College Alumni Worldwide which is managed by the Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA). The College does not verify information posted on LinkedIn and assumes no responsibility for uses that may be made of it. The College will not actively monitor third-party Haverford LinkedIn groups.


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Instagram considers itself to be a home for visual storytelling. Haverford has taken full advantage of this medium to bring the world stunning views from campus and our myriad programs.

Below is a list of Haverford's most broad reaching Instagram profiles:

Several other accounts exist for groups, departments, and teams such as: Haverford House, the Center for Peace and Golbal Citizenship (CPGC), the Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA), Haverford VCAM, the Office of Academic Resources (OAR), Haverford's Dining Center, individual athletic teams, etc... To find more, search "Haverford" and follow your preferred account(s).

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Snapchat is about communicating with friends and family, living in the moment, learning about the world, and having fun together.

Always one to move with the times, Haverford has manitained a Snapchat account since 2015. You may have been a follower of our original account (hcblksquirrel) from the beginning, but WE HAVE MOVED! Don't forget to follow as Haverford's official Snapchat account. Here, you will get fun updates, in the moment, from campus.

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Twitter is an online social community that aims to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.

Haverford has one official Twitter account and it is maintained by College Communications.

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Interested in what Haverford's students are up to? Or maybe you want to watch our most recent Commencement or Alumni Awards Ceremonies? Vimeo is Haverford's official home for all video content.

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