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We live in a global world and Haverford stands ever ready to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse community of students, alumni, parents, and friends. Listed below, you will find an outline of the existing and evolving resources available for our valued overseas community.

In addition to these noted opportunities to engage with Haverford, keep an eye on your email inboxes for the bi-monthly regional events newsletter, sent on the 10th and 25th of each month. This newsletter features the upcoming events in every region, including presidential tours, visiting faculty, and volunteer sponsored events. If you would like assistance in organizing and advertising your own event, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.


Charles Robinson '89 [+44-(0)7557-804-017] is the International Liaison to the Alumni Association Executive Committee (AAEC). A resident of London, England, he is invested in the future of Haverford and is honored to act as the voice of the international community. He welcomes questions and comments regarding alumni and student resources abroad.

Associate Director of Major Gifts, Karine Pastorius [+1 (610) 896-4240], is available to answer any questions you may have about these, and any other, international opportunities and resources. Additionally, she operates as the gift liaison for all international donations and inquiries.

Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, Liz Campbell [+1 (610) 896-1189], is available to answer any questions you may have about these, and any other, international opportunities and resources. Additionally, she operates as the event and communications liaison for all international members of the Haverford Community.



United Kingdom: The Haverford College Foundation (UK) Ltd. allows donors liable for UK and US taxes to claim relief in both countries for the same contribution.

Other Countries: Please review our guidelines on making a gift from countries other than the US and UK.

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Stay up-to-date and get connected to the latest the campus community, as well as associated groups, or create and share your own!

If a link appears to be broken, someone is posting inappropriate content, or you would like to submit a link to be featured, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.


Alumni around the world volunteer in a multitude of ways. Some of these volunteer positions benefit the local community and some reach all the way to impact the overall campus community. Regardless of where your interests lie, you do not have to be on campus to have an impact—many volunteers lend support through email and video conferencing. Learn more and sign up!

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Exciting News from the International Community

CKA Honors Haverford Alumni

The Council of Korean Americans (CKA) honored
Michael Kim ’85 P’17 and Don Liu ’83 P’17 P’19 at their annual Gala:

On October 20-21, 2017, CKA convened their third annual National Summit & Gala at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.

The CKA National Summit & Gala began in 2015 as an opportunity for Korean Americans to gather in our nation’s capital to reflect on key issues and celebrate the contributions of Korean Americans to the U.S. It is a crucial opportunity to hear from elected officials and connect with business and community leaders to plan and mobilize for action on matters that affect us all. In October, we will come together on behalf of all Korean Americans and assert our voice in action in our government, our society, and our communities.

Haverford Abroad

Are you interested in hosting an event or do you have images to share form a Haverford event abroad? Contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations (610-896-1004).

Fast Facts

Thanks to technology, the earth is large but our world is small and the entire campus community is fully invested in ensuring each new class of alumni leaves campus with a widely educated world view. Learn more below about just a few of the ways in which Haverford prepares all of our undergraduates for post-grad life in a modern world.

Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA)

Kelly Cleary – Associate Dean of the College and Dean of Career and Professional Advising
[+1 (610) 896-1181 •]

The CCPA is dedicated to offering as many resources as possible to an ever-more-diverse student body. In just a few years, the number of international students on campus has increased exponentially (16% of the first year class alone in 2017). These programs are being established as an investment for future years, current students become alumni and will be able to give back. Concerted efforts have been made by Shruti Shibulal ’06 and Charles Robinson ’89, along with the CCPA and other campus contacts, to focus on the importance of an international curriculum, as well as solicit help from alumni for international internships and student recruitment.

Currently, the CCPA is working to expand their international programming but key staff members were just in attendance at a International Internship Conference in Santiago, Chile, to learn how to respond to a modern student's needs. Additionally, they provide assistance in understanding visa laws, have created an International Student Advisory Group, and plan to contact the international community to create a more in-depth repository of jobs, offer insight as to what international alumni are doing with their Haverford degrees, and operate as a networking resource.

Are you interested in participating in these efforts? Do you have an internship, externship, or job to offer? Contact the Center for Career and Professional Advising.

Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC)

Eric Hartman - Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship
[+1 (610) 896-1353 •]

The CPGC advances peace, social justice, and global citizenship through research, education, and action. It grew out of faculty and student interests that emerged during the College’s 1999 Review for Accreditation.

Since then, the Center has developed and expanded into a flourishing nexus for social responsibility, civic engagement, and global peace work, both on campus and within the greater community, with a broad range of summer and academic year opportunities for students and faculty, a network of social justice resources, and a campus café.

Study Abroad Program

Donna Mancini – Associate Dean of the College and Dean of Global Affairs
[+1 (610) 896-1230 •]

The full study abroad policy and details can be found on the College's website. However, in brief, Dean Mancini is a cornerstone member of the College faculty and she, along with former president Robert Stevens founded Haverford’s program and were contributing voices in the formation of the “home tuition program” where full financial aid is able to accompany study abroad students to the partner institutions where they will pay the same as they would at home—as well as many other study abroad processes being continually used and improved across the U.S.

Like most Haverford programs, the success stories are too numerous to briefly note but some highlights are:

  • Haverford had 122 students study abroad in the 2016-2017 academic year, compared to BMC’s 24
  • 49% of study abroad students were STEM majors
  • 52% were financial aid recipients
  • 39% were students of color (compared to the 10-12% national average)
  • 37% were athletes (this is an unheard of number nationwide - 98% of lacrosse players alone have studied abroad)
  • Haverford professors audit courses and are able to ensure matching curriculum for major requirements
  • Local third party providers are employed to provide continual assurance of the health and safety of our students abroad
  • A well-received, attended, and staffed series of informational sessions are held for students studying abroad
    • From general details to specifics based on school, program, and country
    • Hosted by Dean Mancini but mostly staffed by students with study abroad experience so they may convey the real-life concerns and success stories
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