Executive Committee (AAEC)

The Alumni Association Executive Committee (AAEC) acts as the executive arm of the Association providing leadership and direction regarding alumni affairs. Members play a key role in building and maintaining lifelong relationships between Haverford alumni and the College, providing bridges across generations of Haverford graduates, developing valued services for classmates and friends, and giving a helping hand to current Haverford students.

Members address alumni interest in ongoing College affairs and discuss College policies to gain an alumni perspective. The AAEC also strives to foster open dialogue between the College and alumni.

AAEC is responsible for proposing alumni nominees for service on the College's Board of Managers and for recognizing outstanding achievement and volunteer contributions to Haverford through the Alumni Association's awards program. All activities are supplemented by other committee and liaison work.

Nominate yourself or others for the AAEC.


Peter Anderson '92 Multicultural
Alex Baldassano '03 Affinity Groups/Athletics
Kate Benanti '98 Boston Regional
Bennett Berson '81 Alumni Awards
Truman Bullard '60 At Large
Kurt Calia '90 At Large
Michael Caplan '73 San Francisco Regional
Stephen Chehi '11 Young Alumni
Dan Fascione '53 Scarlet Sages
Loftin Flowers '02 BeHav
Matthew Jackson '17 Student
Paul Kandel '83 Annual Fund
Kaley Klanica '00 Be Haverfordian (Second Decade)
Thien Le '05 MAAG
Evan LeFlore '06 New York Regional
Nancy Lewin '84 Communication
Rahul Munshi '06 Affinity Group
Billy Pekin '93 Chicago Regional
Jennifer Perlberger Robinson '95 CCPA
Dolores Reilly '96 Admission
Ann Rivera '96 Campaign
Spencer Ware '01 Ex-Officio
David Wertheimer '77 President
Natalie Wossene '08 Vice President
Peter Ziv '82 CCPA


  • Offer continuity to the affairs of the Alumni Association and Alumni Council.
  • Increase the involvement of alumni with the College and create new links between the alumni and the College‚Äôs administration, faculty, and students.
  • Advise Alumni Relations & Annual Giving and other administrative offices on isues of concern to alumni.
  • Propose and implement programs to strengthen the ties among Haverford College, its alumni, faculty, students, and administrators.
  • Support the efforts and programs of alumni volunteers who work in admission, planned giving, annual giving, career development, multicultural affairs, and regional societies.
  • Encourage attendance at Alumni Weekend, athletic events, lectures, networking receptions, and performances both on and off campus.
  • Monitor ongoing alumni programs, making recommendations for changes when and where needed.
  • Create new programs and new liaison volunteer positions when needed.


  • Work with Alumni Relations staff to provide executive oversight for all alumni programs.
  • Identify and meet the needs of alumni in their continuing relationship with Haverford.
  • Promote the general welfare of Haverford College and a greater understanding for and commitment to the College and the alumni body.
  • Meet with faculty, students, and administrators to keep themselves informed about issues of importance to the College and its alumni.
  • Attend all meetings of the AAEC.
  • Serve as a liaison (e.g., Admission, Athletics, Multicultural Affairs, Awards, etc.) or a regional liaison (e.g., New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.), as assigned.
  • Assist Alumni Relations in identifying future alumni leaders and volunteers.
  • Monitor, encourage, and support activities that promote alumni loyalty.
  • Serve as the representative body when Haverford needs alumni opinion on issues the College or the Committee identifies as important for the College and its alumni.
  • Attend as many Haverford programs in your area or on campus as possible and encourage other alumni, parents, and friends to join.
  • Serve as an advocate for Haverford through communication with other alumni and external audiences.
  • Financially support Haverford with annual contributions.


The Committee consists of the officers of the Alumni Association, up to 15 at-large members, up to nine regional liaisons, the immediate past president of the Association, the chair of the Annual Fund and two student representatives. The officers are the president and the vice president who each serve two-year terms. The secretary of the Association is the director of Alumni and Parent Relations at the College. The at-large members and the regional liaisons are elected once each year, serving for a three year term. All members, except the officers, may serve no more than two consecutive terms. These Committee members represent the diversity of the College with respect to graduating class, gender, race, and geographic distribution.

At-large members serve in liaison positions which include various College departments such as: Admission, Alumni Weekend, Athletics, Multicultural Affairs, Awards, Communications, CCPA, LGBTQ+, and Scarlet Sages.

Regional liaisons represent major cities including New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, and Boston. The AAEC works with regional liaisons to develop new and engaging events worldwide.

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